ABB to announce partnership with the city of Davos at the World Economic Forum
Monday, Jan 22, 2018
Ground-breaking Swiss technology will power Davos during the annual World Economic Forum

For the first time ever, participants at this year’s World Economic Forum will be able to experience a truly clean and innovative transportation system.

The city of Davos, which recently won the “European Energy Award” for its energy efficiency, is partnering with ABB to provide sustainable, low-emission public and private transportation at this year’s annual meeting from January 23–26. It is part of an integrated system that already includes the regional electric train and railway system as well as the local hydroelectric power plant’s grid systems.

The highlight is ABB’s electric bus flash charging technology – the fastest in the world, which can flash charge a bus in less than 20 seconds, the same time it takes for the bus to pick up and discharge passengers. The technology won the prestigious Watt d’Or award in 2018.

In addition, eight fast charging stations have been newly installed for electric cars. These stations can charge batteries to the 80-percent level in just twelve minutes.

The train that brings people to Davos is powered by ABB’s innovative traction transformers and an Alpine icebreaker, which gets rid of ice in a flash and is stable under extreme weather conditions.

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